What Does My Standard Homeowners Insurance Cover?


If you are looking to purchase a home anytime in the future, you’ve likely heard the phrase “homeowner’s insurance” before. There’s a lot of talk about it, and for good reason. Homeowner’s insurance protects individuals and families by insuring their homes and their possessions in the event of a devastating natural disaster or theft. You should know just how important homeowner’s insurance is. More than that, you should know what a standard policy covers – as well as what it doesn’t.

The Categories Covered by Homeowners Insurance

The structure of the home, which often includes other structures on the property like sheds and gazebos.

The possessions that can be found inside of the home and may have become damaged or stolen.

Liability protection that covers the costs of representing you in court as well as other legal expenses in the event that you, your children or your pet cause harm to a person or another person’s possessions.

ALE, or additional living expenses, are covered should you not be able to live in the home following an insured disaster. This covers food, hotels and other necessary accommodations and does not affect how much money the insurance company will spend on repairing your home.

Essentially, home insurance financially protects you and your family from any havoc that nature, thieves and other elements can cause. In the case of policies with liability protection, it even protects you outside of your home if any member of your family (pets included) cause any bodily or property damage to someone else or their property.

This coverage extends even beyond the damage itself. ALE portions of an insurance policy will help you to recover outside of your home if it is not habitable after sustaining heavy damage. Meals from restaurants and stays in hotels will be covered for a period of time outlined in your policy. The most fortunate thing about ALE policies is that the money that it costs to put you and your family up in a hotel and feed you will not be deducted from what the insurance company is willing to spend on repairing your home.

A homeowner’s insurance policy is one of the wisest investments that you can make after purchasing a home. Even if the most basic, standard policy is all you can afford, it will reduce a significant portion of the struggle that so many have as they recover from theft, accidents and disasters that shake their confidence and damage their homes.