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Buying a home is one of the greatest financial investments that you will ever make in your life. It is also one of the biggest investments that you’ll make toward your future. Any investment of this magnitude must be protected, and homeowner’s insurance does exactly that for those with homeowning ambitions. Homeowners Insurance Florida will care for you and step up to the plate for you if anything goes wrong.

If your home has been damaged by fire, flood or any other catastrophe, you’re going to want coverage beforehand. This is the most effective and efficient way of safeguarding our homes and the possessions within them. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get a homeowner’s insurance policy today, because nobody knows what can happen tomorrow.

Types of Home Insurance Policies for Homes

Whether you are purchasing your first home insurance policy or you are upgrading your policy, knowing which insurance polices for homes to choose is essential. Your house is your most valuable possession that is why quality home insurance is a priority. It protects against the structure of your home, the contents inside against any potential problems such as flood, fire, theft, or even extreme weather. There are many different types of policies available to you, these include buildings insurance, contents insurance, buildings and contents, and personal liability.

Buildings Insurance

Buildings insurance covers and insures the structure of your property from any damage to the building. This generally includes windows, roof, walls, doors, tiles, and much more. Policies can vary but you are generally covered for the costs of repairs and rebuilding of the home if it becomes damaged or destroyed by any of the following reasons flooding, lightning, storms, explosions, robbery, and much more.

Excluded from the policy:

  • Wear and tear of the structure
  • Acts of terrorism
  • Flooding in high risk areas
  • Excess amount must be paid when making a claim

Contents Insurance

Contents cover protects and insures the contents or belongings in the home. This policy gives protection against damage or loss caused by any of the following reasons, flooding, fire, theft, storm, leaks, and much more. It is recommended for high valued items in the home such as jewellery, antiques, or electronics that they are insured individually. This type of cover will give you peace of mind knowing your belongings are protected if a potential accident occurred.

Excluded from the policy:

  • Motor accessories and vehicles
  • Wear and tear damage
  • Any damage or loss that may occur in the home while it is vacant for a period of time, generally more than 30 days
  • Theft of money and valuables if the property was not secured properly
  • Bills of Documents, coins, stamps, manuscripts, and much more

Buildings and Contents Cover

Buildings and contents cover policy combined can often work out cheaper than having the two separate policies. You will receive a better deal on your premium with the two policies combined together.

Personal Liability Insurance

Liability is an insurance policy that protects you in the event that a visitor to your property may have an accident or their belongings become damaged while present on your property. The policy will cover expenses, fees, and the costs that you could be liable to pay in certain circumstances.

Optional or other home insurance policies

  • Earthquake insurance
  • Flooding insurance
  • Water backup of sewer
  • Other structure
  • Medical payments cover

Tenants Insurance

If you rent a property and you are a tenant, you should consider taking out a contents insurance policy to protect the belongings that you have present in the property. The landlords home insurance will not cover your belongings if they are stolen or become damaged. Many insurance companies offer a tenant insurance policy which could be very useful if you are staying in the property in the long term.

Why So Many People Choose Pembroke Insurance

If you are searching for new insurance policies because the ones that you have are too expensive, you may want to consider a company called Pembroke Insurance. You can visit them at to see their full list of services. This is a business that has been providing competitive insurance policies for many years, a business that you can trust. They offer several different types of policies including automobile insurance, truck insurance, and insurance for your motorcycle. They also have camper insurance and homeowners insurance as well. Here is an overview of this company which can provide you with a quote on virtually any type of insurance that you need with the rates that will be affordable.

Overview Of Pembroke Insurance 

This company was founded decades ago in an attempt to provide competitive insurance policies. They are an independent insurance agency, which means you will be able to get the best insurance rates for any type of policy that you may be looking for. By going to their website, you can find contact information. You can give them a call to speak with the representative or simply submit your request for a quote. They make the entire process of getting competitive rates very simple, which is one of the main reasons that people enjoy working with this business.

Why Working With An Insurance Broker Can Be Beneficial 

If you have always worked with one particular major insurance provider, even if you have an umbrella policy, you may notice that your premiums are increasing every year. Even if you downgrade the type of coverage that you have, your premiums might go down, but your deductible may still be extremely high. What most people will do is start to call multiple companies, get several different quotes, and try to figure out which company will be the best. This time-consuming process can be tedious, and many people end up keeping the policies that they have. That’s why working with a competent insurance broker, that is connected to many different companies, is so important to do. They will make the process of transitioning to a different insurance provider simple. Additionally, it’s going to save you an incredible amount of time because everything that you will need to know about each insurance company will be provided, along with how to sign up. Doing so will help you gain access to some of the most competitive prices in the insurance industry.

Competitive Prices On Different Types Of Insurance 

To get the most competitive prices, people often contact many different companies that they have seen on television. They may have heard a radio spot, or as most people do today, they go online and do a quick search. This can be a time-consuming process as you will have to fill out your information multiple times in order to get individual quotes from each of the separate businesses. That’s why working with Pembroke is so much easier. They have streamlined the process of obtaining quotes on as many policies as you want, connecting you with policies, premiums, and deductibles that are going to be affordable with top rate coverage.

How Are They Able To Get You These Competitive Prices? 

They are able to obtain the best rates because they have many partners in this industry. Once you have submitted your request, they will then send off this information to different insurance companies that will then provide them with quotes to give you. That is why all you need to do is provide them with your information one time, specify the type of policy that you would like to get, and they will return this information to you promptly. You can also use this same information for multiple policies, helping you to get car insurance, homeowners insurance, and other types of coverage for prices that will save you money.

How Long Will It Take To Get Your Quotes Back? 

It’s not going to take you very long at all to get your quotes back from these businesses. They are always working at upgrading their delivery time. As their popularity continues to grow, they are expanding their business, ensuring that each and every potential customer gets their information promptly delivered their email or over the phone. Once you have this information, you will clearly see why working with this business is so easy. They are also one of the few companies that have so many partners that finding affordable rates is never a problem. Within the span of a day, you should hear back from multiple companies with quotes on the policies that you would like to get, allowing you to pick and choose from the different businesses that can give you the best rates.

What If You Do Not Have Computer Or Email Access? 

If you would prefer getting all of your information over the phone, that’s not a problem. They do provide you with a phone number that you can use. They have competent agents on the phone, ready to take your information, so it can be submitted to the different companies that they work with. Whether you are a young person looking for your first car insurance policy, or if you are an older individual seeking homeowners insurance, all of this is possible with Pembroke Insurance. They have built a reputation on delivering prompt information, leading people to some of the best insurance companies in the industry that offer prices that are lower than their competitors.

If you have not worked with Pembroke Insurance before, you will certainly wonder why you had never heard of them before. This is a reliable business that can give you great policies at affordable prices. After receiving your information from them, you can sign up with the companies that they will recommend to you. This will allow you to sign up in a very short period of time. If you are coming to the end of a camper or motorcycle insurance policy, and you need to get a replacement soon, definitely contact Pembroke. They will do their best to find you and insurance provider that you can start working with that will have better coverage, a lower deductible, and excellent rates that will save you money.

Get Low Company Insurers Protection

Every company needs protection and part of that includes being properly insured. Just like every other expense that a business has, they will want to look for ways to reduce the cost on that coverage. At the same time, this type of protection is there so that there are no undue losses from legal liabilities, damages to property, and other related risks with employees. Here we will take a look at how to get low insurers protection.

Seven Types Of Coverage You May Want Low Company Insurers Protection For 

1. Property Protection 

Regardless of whether you are leasing, or you own the property where your business is housed, it needs to be properly protected. You will likely have inventory, equipment, furniture, and signage that will need to be insured against theft, natural disasters, and fire.  It will take some effort to get this coverage in areas where the conditions are prone to natural disasters or if it’s in a high crime area and would be prone to theft. Even so, with some effort, you can find what you need for a reasonable price.

2. Protection For A Home-Based Business 

It is increasingly common these days for professionals to start from their homes. Basic homeowner policies will not give the same protection that commercial insurance will.  Whenever you’re running a business from home you will want to secure some low company insurers protection.  Make sure to consult with a professional so that you fully understand what kind of coverage that you need so that you get the necessary protection.

3. Liability Coverage 

This type of policy is often called (E & O) and it helps protect you against claims of negligence that happened when someone is harmed because of a mistake made by you or an employee. You should check around because these policies vary greatly and you need to get the right coverage while keeping the overall cost in a reasonable range. Every type of industry has its different set of potential risks and the policy should be based around those specifics.

4. Protection Against Products You Sell 

Whenever you sell something directly to the consumer or even to other businesses, there may be situations where the buyer believes the product itself caused damage to property or to a person. In this case, you will want to be protected if taken to court. Anytime there is the potential for this, then getting the necessary low company insurers protection is needed. This is another situation that should be tailored specifically to the product or products you sell.

5. Employee Compensation 

If you directly employ others, then this is usually a type of coverage that is required by law. This means if the company is held responsible for an employee’s medical treatment, or if they become disabled, or experience death, then the protection would cover those things. Even when you have people working for you that are at very low risk, it is still necessary to have this protection in place.

6.  Coverage For Your Vehicles 

If you’re using vehicles as part of your business, then they will need to be appropriately insured. If an accident happens this coverage needs to protect you against liability for any other vehicles involved as well as people in the other car and in your car. Even if an employee uses their own car but they are doing it to deliver your products or to perform services, then you will need to have appropriate protection.

7. Coverage For The Interruption Of Operations 

If some type of emergency or unforeseen catastrophe were to happen that stopped your ability to operate, then you would want to have enough coverage to get you through it. You will lose income and profit and perhaps the ability to manufacture and these things can bankrupt the company without enough coverage. Having what you need for this type of situation can not only avoid a financial loss but also the complete loss of your company.

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How Can I Find Cheaper Business  Insurance? 

There are some things that you can do as an owner to help reduce your cost of this type of protection. One of these things would be to find companies that are able to bundle different policies together for a discount rate. You can also reduce your overall risks so that you don’t need as much coverage and still have the protection you need. Of course, it’s always important to remember that price is not the only consideration and you should never choose a policy based solely on that factor.

Why Coverage Is So Important 

Almost 1/3 of businesses will face a lawsuit at some point.  Two-thirds of the ones that have already experienced this say that it cost them dearly and they wish they had been covered more extensively. Among the other factors you anticipate, this is one that should be included. In most cases, the insurance will be considerably less than the cost of going through it on your own.

As a way to reduce the overall cost of coverage, it is possible to at least partly self-insure. Doing this means that you can either get a much higher deductible which will reduce monthly cost or you can simply get less coverage which will also reduce costs. But not getting the protection that you need will ultimately cost more and could cost everything.

Basics For Keeping Policies Affordable 

There are some strategies and particulars that can be done in order to keep things more affordable. Many companies who will provide the coverage you need want to be able to see that your storefront and office is up to all necessary codes. To protect your employees and customers you need to make sure that your office areas or shopping areas have no dark spots and everything is well lit. If a spill happens you need to have a system in place so that it is cleaned up immediately. All of the walkways surrounding your place should be clear of clutter that could potentially put people at risk.

Broker House Insurance Claims and Deals

House insurance is something that people don’t really like having to think about or pay for. When you don’t need it, the policy feels like an unnecessary expense. When you do need it, however, it can save you a fortune and it’s a huge relief to have it.

If you are a homeowner you really need home insurance for that one time when something goes badly wrong. At that time, having a policy to cover the building and contents can be the difference between getting back on your feet or having to struggle with a disaster and find yourself unable to pay repair bills or replace items that are lost or damaged.

A lot of people dislike insurance because of the perception that it is expensive or that policies are opaque and try to get out of paying out a lot of the time. While it’s true that there are an awful lot of ‘gotchas’ in some policies, and you’ll find that companies enforce their terms quite strictly, if you know what you’re getting, you will find that the policies are perfectly fair. Shopping around will help you get the best deal, and you’ll find often that with Broker House Insurance claims there are potential savings to be had if you shop around instead of letting your policies auto-renew every time.

In many cases, with Broker House Insurance Claims there are special offers to attract new customers, but then you’ll find that if you then let that policy automatically renew you may end up paying more than a new customer would. So much for loyalty for established customers!

If you have ever made a claim on your insurance then you may end up paying more in the future, for a while. If you live in an area that has a lot of crime then you might pay more, and there are other factors that can have an impact too. Installing good alarm systems, for example, could save you some money on your house insurance.

When Things Go Wrong 

In the ideal world, you would never need to put in a claim on your policy, or have someone broker house insurance claims for you. Sometimes, there is extreme weather though, or break ins, or other accidents. Burst pipes, fires, lots of things can go wrong and when they do you will be glad to know that you have a policy to back you up and help you get back on your feet.

Before you worry about broker house insurance claims you need to make sure that you get the immediate emergency sorted out. If you experience, say, a flood, then you will want to get the water removed and call in a water damage restoration company. Take care of yourself and your family first. Take photos of the damage and document everything that happened, including the exact dates and times.

If you have the opportunity to do so, contact your insurance provider and ask them for an approved list of companies for restoration. If you need someone to come out urgently – such as a locksmith or glazier, then get them to come out and provide you with a clear, itemized invoice. Keep records of everything.

If your home damage came from a break in, vandalism, or other third party damage, or from an accident (such as a truck driving into your property), then you might need to put in a police report and the insurance company will want to see that documentation. As you can see, keeping good records is vital if you want to ensure the best results.

Combine Your Policies to Save 

One option that a lot of people fail to think of when it comes to getting the best deals on their cover is to combine policies.  While you can often find that individual policies might be cheaper from specific companies, you can often get the insurance equivalent of a ‘dual fuel’ discount if you take out more than one type of cover from the same provider. It’s an often overlooked idea but it can be a good one if you are in need of lots of policies.

Often, there are perks, such as home insurance that will cover your mobile device should it get damaged while you’re out of the house on a short trip. You might be able to add cover for push bikes too. Another option to look out for, if you’re a family, is the option to cover certain items owned by a child even if the child is away at college or university.

Be Systematic And Keep Good Records 

Being organized can go a long way. Try to be systematic with your record keeping and make sure that you shop around for new cover each year. Set reminders in your calendar so that you know what is expiring when, and give yourself plenty of time to look for new deals. Use comparison sites and look out for signup bonuses.

Think carefully if you ever need to claim, as well. That smashed mobile phone or broken window might be an inconvenience now, but if you can pay for it out of your own budget it will keep your premiums low which will pay off in the future. Just as with car cover, where you can save money by setting a high excess, setting up a savings account to cover minor emergencies could stand you in good stead. It takes a lot of stress out of life when you know that you have the money to cover broken appliances and minor issues. Even if you’re not well off, it really does help to try to save a small amount each week to fall back on when things go wrong.

If you don’t have insurance yet, it’s a good idea to get some. Even a basic policy is handy to have because if you worry now that you “can’t afford insurance” then you definitely can’t afford to not have a policy, should disaster strike.

Returning Home After a Flood: How to Stay Safe

When floodwaters begin to rise to alarming levels and there is no sign of letting up, evacuation is often a necessary step that individuals and families must take to ensure their safety. It may take days, or even weeks, until one is able to return to their home. At this time, they may have no idea as to what condition their home remains in after the flood. Upon returning, there is no telling what other dangers might be lurking around as a result of the damage.

Still, homeowners must return to where they live, if for no other reason than to assess the damage and confer with their insurance companies. There are some necessary steps that flood victims must take as to further ensure their physical safety. There could be unexpected dangers on that street or an adjacent home that could contribute to bodily harm and even death. Continue reading to learn what you should do if your home becomes flooded to best avoid these dangers.

Do not return home until local authorities have given you the clear to do so. While a homeowner might get impatient to get back home and assess the damage that their home experienced in the flood, it’s not worth it if the area is not safe to navigate.

When traveling back to your home, be cautious of any roads where the water has receded. Floodwaters can weaken roads, making them dangerous.

Never touch floodwater. Floodwaters can contain waste, gasoline and oil, among a host of other contaminants that pose a risk to your health. They may also be electrified from downed power lines that have dipped into the water, which poses a significant risk of fatality.

Leave the home immediately if you smell gas or hear the hissing sound of gas being released into the air. If possible, turn the gas off from the exterior of the building before calling the gas company. Avoid using anything with fire or that could trigger a spark when inside or near the property.

Walk the perimeter of the home before entering it. Look for structural damage, and do not go into any building that does not look safe to enter.

Turn off the home’s electricity prior to working on cleaning any area of the residence.

One of the first things that you should do, before you work on remedying the damage caused by the flood, is call your homeowner’s insurance company. Their compassion and knowledge of your insurance policy will help you to recover from the floodwaters’ damage and move on with your life.

What Does My Standard Homeowners Insurance Cover?

If you are looking to purchase a home anytime in the future, you’ve likely heard the phrase “homeowner’s insurance” before. There’s a lot of talk about it, and for good reason. Homeowner’s insurance protects individuals and families by insuring their homes and their possessions in the event of a devastating natural disaster or theft. You should know just how important homeowner’s insurance is. More than that, you should know what a standard policy covers – as well as what it doesn’t.

The Categories Covered by Homeowners Insurance

The structure of the home, which often includes other structures on the property like sheds and gazebos.

The possessions that can be found inside of the home and may have become damaged or stolen.

Liability protection that covers the costs of representing you in court as well as other legal expenses in the event that you, your children or your pet cause harm to a person or another person’s possessions.

ALE, or additional living expenses, are covered should you not be able to live in the home following an insured disaster. This covers food, hotels and other necessary accommodations and does not affect how much money the insurance company will spend on repairing your home.

Essentially, home insurance financially protects you and your family from any havoc that nature, thieves and other elements can cause. In the case of policies with liability protection, it even protects you outside of your home if any member of your family (pets included) cause any bodily or property damage to someone else or their property.

This coverage extends even beyond the damage itself. ALE portions of an insurance policy will help you to recover outside of your home if it is not habitable after sustaining heavy damage. Meals from restaurants and stays in hotels will be covered for a period of time outlined in your policy. The most fortunate thing about ALE policies is that the money that it costs to put you and your family up in a hotel and feed you will not be deducted from what the insurance company is willing to spend on repairing your home.

A homeowner’s insurance policy is one of the wisest investments that you can make after purchasing a home. Even if the most basic, standard policy is all you can afford, it will reduce a significant portion of the struggle that so many have as they recover from theft, accidents and disasters that shake their confidence and damage their homes.

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As homeowners ourselves, the insurance professionals at Homeowners Insurance Florida are invested in helping you to protect your home and the life you’ve built inside it. Nobody should have to face the impact of fire, flood or other disasters alone. With a homeowner’s insurance company in your corner, you’ll be able to take care of the things that really matter while we help you rebuild. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Reach out to Homeowners Insurance Florida today.